Finance Department

Financial Guardians: Ensuring FAVI's Financial Stability

In every successful company, a team ensures financial stability and keeps money flowing smoothly. At FAVI, that's the Finance Team led by our CFO Adam Maryniok, our behind-the-scenes experts who manage every financial aspect meticulously. 

Currently,  a team of 2 financial experts carefully handle FAVI's finances. They ensure we're always financially sound and ready to pursue new opportunities. They're the guardians of our growth, keeping our financial house in order and enabling continued success. Think of finance as the foundation that supports FAVI's growth. Our Finance Team manages cash flow, oversees expenses, and ensures operational efficiency. They're the financial strategists who help us make smart decisions that fuel our expansion.

If you're a numbers-expert with a knack for financial management, then FAVI's Finance Team is your career path. Our Financial Team has bright minds who can navigate the financial world with precision, and help us make informed financial decisions.

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