The Genesis of FAVI

FAVI'S Journey

FAVI's journey began in 2015 with a simple yet revolutionary idea - to make online furniture shopping an inspiring, convenient, and accessible experience for all. Starting with just two people, we launched an innovative online furniture search engine. After several months of rapid development and fine-tuning, we found our sweet spot. FAVI's popularity soared, our website traffic increased, and we quickly amassed a satisfied user base.

Over the years, we have expanded FAVI's reach to eight additional countries. Today, FAVI's websites receive hundreds of thousands of daily visits.

Our team has also experienced rapid growth. Currently, a diverse team of more than 70 professionals from around the world work at FAVI's Prague office.

The Future of FAVI

"Our goal is to make FAVI the go-to destination for customers seeking to enhance their living spaces. We are building FAVI as a technology-driven company. Our future growth strategy is centered around harnessing the power of modern technologies, automation, and AI to offer the best customer experience in furniture selection and beyond.We strive to ensure that every customer who makes a purchase through FAVI is satisfied with their chosen piece of furniture when it arrives at their home. Our aim is to provide the widest range of products in one place, on FAVI. When customers think of furniture shopping, we want FAVI to be their first choice for its comprehensive selection, simplicity, and convenience."

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